LucContabile ... integrated management of the ordinary accounting


The Luccarelli Ltd. in collaboration with Contable Ltd. has developed the software LucContabile.

The combination of skills acquired in the IT field and Luccarelli Ltd. The accounting by Accounting Ltd., have helped create a technologically advanced and at the same time meets the real needs of those working in management accounting and corporate balance sheets.


accounting ORDINARY

  • Chart of Accounts on Level 3
  • Reasons accounting configurable
  • VAT: VAT records of print management, control ceiling for regular exporters, management bills under suspension of VAT, EEC invoice management, invoice management Reverse Charge VAT management x CASH
  • Customers Suppliers: Master Data Management, Management Mastrini, Design Automation for recording
  • Schedule: management model of payment of bills and posters registration deadlines
  • Prints: tax records, tax payment, account book, book inventory, budget verification
  • Utilities: Control protocol numbers and re-recordings of the first note


... and again

  • Possibility of several online exercises
  • Ability to repeat Closing / Opening Exercises
  • Export / Import to and from Systems Management Software Ability to manage multi-
  • companies
  • can import files from other archives LucContabile base

Asset Management

  • Create manual and automated assets [from the records of First Note]
  • definition, for each asset, the depreciation rate to use every exercise
  • definitive proof or elaboration, creation of automatic movements of the first note made for depreciation


Balance CEE

  • Create Link Chart of Accounts -> Balance sheet items CEE
  • Export Balance Print CEE MsWord, XBRL
  • manual allocation of previous years
  • check that all the accounts of the Chart of Accounts are tied to you the Balance
  • Control "Squaring" the budget
  • Prints Control


Management accounting Matches

  • matches manual and automatic recording directly from the first note
  • Search matches to customer / supplier and the state
  • Matches release


Managing Current taxes and deferred

  • Detecting tax IRES / IRAP using information from the chart of accounts tax recoveries pursuant to the rules laid down by Decree TIUR and D and to determine the IRAP tax for the year, as well as taxes payable
  • Determine the net annual result of all the taxes calculated for skills
  • Assessing the impact of variables (entered manually) to the operating result due to the unwinding of all taxes (za of expertise and to be paid) and the result Net Operating Statements
  • Manage so many years of rumors that are "temporary differences" between results statutory / tax by determining the "Deferred tax assets Deferred" and their variations in accordance with the Accounting Standard No.25 and norms of CC for the preparation of the EEC and the Notes, providing data in the calculation of taxes (tax recoveries) and results in the calculation of net-to Operating



  • Capture Images (sostituitva storage on demand)
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Ability to work from remote locations (on request)


LucContabile comes with a system of reporting anomalies or proposed improvements that enhance the software constantly.