Commessa2005 ... CRM/ERP for PMI


From the evolution of some of our previous product was released in 2005 first version of Commessa2005
The CRM / ERP for SMEs.
Distribution and installed all over the country, is used in dozens SMEs operating in different sectors
(Engineering firms, construction companies, engineering studies, call center, etc. ...)< br /> The product is continuously updated and improved regulations in every thanks to the Bug Report form and Requests
new developments available to customers.


Basic management

  • Archive Management Base
  • Managing Customers / Suppliers
        In addition to the management of personal information the system also manages
        Contacts, Offices, Banks, Information / Privacy receiving Aut
        Managing Customer/Suppliers Visits
  • Warehouse Product Management
        Finished product management, semifinished products and assemblies
        BOM Management
        Serial Management
        Variants Management Products
        Statistics buying / selling products
  • Management Documents Issued / Passive
  • Management Maturity / Advances
  • Management Reminders
  • User Management
        Data management users
        Golicy Manager to access the functionality

Flow Customers / Suppliers

  • Flow Suppliers
        Management Request Offer, Offer, Order
        Management link flow clients
        Management Evaluation Supplies
  • Flow Customers
        Management Request Offer
        Offer Management, Reviewing Offers
        Management of orders
            Exhaust Warehouse
            Costs Extra
            Management SAL
            Critical issues management
            Programming cycles and phases of construction contracts
            Assign work to employees
            Employees reporting hours of committed
        Analysis Tools pattern Contracts
        Attachments Technical Manager
  • RDA Management - Internal Purchase Requests
  • Shipping management
        Shipping Management and Programming
        Manage Alerts for ready goods transporters

Management ISO9001:2008

  • Non-Conformity
  • Corrective Action
  • Staff Training Plans
  • Tutoring and Complaints
  • Review Offers
  • Review Orders
  • Equipment management
        Master Data management
        Maintenance Plans
  • Management Measuring Instruments
        Master Data management
        Calibration Plans

Gestioni Varie

  • Managing Employees
        Management Recruitment
        Medical Management visits schedule
        DPI Management Delivery
        Agenda Management Jobs
  • Management Standard Cycles
  • Extra Note Management Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
        Statistics analysis
        Customizable reports
  • Management Gare

Links to other Software

  • Connection with Accounting software
        Tool to send data to accounting software
        (fully automatic with our LucContabile)
        Deadlines Allinemaneto with Mastrini Accounting
        Tool for automatic alignment of the state
        with accounting deadlines Mastrini
  • Connection with Attendance Software
        employees with attendance data download
        cost of orders, work progress
        (fully automatic with our Presenze2004)
  • Connection with Production
        developments tailored to colloqio machines
        Develop custom software for Level 1 colloqio


        Create documents in Word / Excel
        starting from models
        Export PDF
  • Image acquisition
        Capture from TWAIN scanners
  • Attach Files
        Ability to attach files (all formats)
        in all management


  • Deadlines to Alert Customers
        Tool to automatically send email alerts
        maturities of the bills
  • Live Update
        Automatic System Update Tool
  • Notifications
        Report Tool for bugs or new implementations
        Tracking of requests


Realize additional modules on request to meet the needs of our customers